The library lounge, Silk

  • Breakfast 7:00~10:00

For breakfast, you may select from an array of both Japanese and continental foods.
There are a variety of different breads to choose from. You may also choose how you would like your eggs to be cooked, whether it be omelet, scrambled or fried.
You can take salads, desserts and drinks freely from the buffet table.
If requested, we can also serve udon noodle, one of Kagawa’s local specialties. We will cook it especially for you, and bring it to your table.

  • Tea time 10:00~11:00 15:00~18:00

Relax before you check in or after check out with some satisfying sweets and drinks.
Sit back and listen to the slow, calming music from our high standard wave speakers.

  • Cocktail hour 18:00~20:00

We serve delicious appetizers and various kinds of alcohols before the main dinner.
Spend your time relaxing with your favorite cocktails, canapés or tasty Japanese appetizers.
*Children under the age of six cannot enter the lounge during this time.

  • Bar 20:00~22:00

Sit back and relax with a book chosen from our wide selection, while enjoying one of our wines or beers.
*Miners are not permitted to enter during this time.

Relax in our Library Lounge surrounded by atmospheric music and a selection of books ready to take you into a new world.

  • バータイム Bar Time 20:00~22:00

Please refrain from entering the Club Lounge in slippers or pajamas.

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